Which image you should use when advertising real estate online?

-Your corporate brand or your own brand?

-Your logo or your personal image?

On social networks, the decision is easy: simply create and maintain a personal profile and other professional.

The distinction is simple, since from the first moment, when you create the profile, they always ask for the following:

-If a company, the trade name and the category or type of business to which it belongs, among other corporate data,

-If a person, name and often, date of birth, among other personal data.

advertise on social mediasHowever, it is very common to see an ad such as “real estate sells flats” birthday reminders on Facebook. And of course, you have to congratulate yourself, because you’ve been the one who has accepted it as a “friend”, despite that face of logo that you have in your profile.

As well as on Facebook is very light to put images of oneself, in other types of supports, there is more resistance show is one himself, with his personal image. There are real estate consultants who prefer to hide behind your logo, not so much for corporate strategy, rather for lack of habit or out of shame.

Today it is very normal to see a photo of professional business cards, but not so much seen in the real estate websites the pictures of the advisors who are behind.

However users like to see who they will hire, make business with, who called and who responds to queries by phone or by email.

Personal image gives interest to the conversation, builds confidence and trust.

In the real estate websites that we have created or redesigned, the personal component is increasingly more present.

No longer spoken both company but “who we are” the people who work in it. Not dictate the General Services but they are detailed each person differential services that make up the team (at least the sales team).

On the tabs of the properties shows the Advisor that manages it, with your direct contact details, including a brief bibliography, professional experience, qualities and expertise, technical, personal and the area in which work and which is expert.

General contact details are already displayed in the header or at the foot of the real estate website, so the user appreciates having a contact to ask for a property or service person.

It is more difficult to choose which image to show a foreign medium, such as a real estate portal.

Companies pay the ads and their data are those that appear to be associated with properties they are selling. It is usual in the south american market, but in the Anglo-Saxons, emerge agents such as contacts for properties and searches for areas.

The solution to the enigma, as in so many other cases, is to opt for an intermediate positioning.

Your personal image of your company, offers a professional and close the user vision, an endorsement of trust and confidence with the corporate brand at the same time closeness with personal photo.
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