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The Main Line Real Estate Agents Must Reinvent their Business to Survive in a Competitive Philadelphia Market

Gone are the days where it was well enough for a main line realtor to put up a board with MLS listings on his storefront. Overview of the threats that affect the profession in Pennsylvania. And close-up on agencies that rely on innovation to stand out.

Will the profession of real estate agent still exist in ten years? The question is deliberately provocative. Yet it might be ringing bells for a lot of professionals in the sector especially the ones operating in PA. Between the disturbing prophecies of some who did not hesitate to predict fear, extinction and the most encouraging speech from those who believe that the expertise of local realtors is still widely look after by main line home owners, one thing is certain: the professionals of the sector will work much more tomorrow as they do today. Those who survive do work elsewhere already more as in the past. There are nowadays many threats hanging over the profession.

1. Bad reputation.

main line appartments for saleI think I got your attention with this one, but the first of these threats is internal to the profession. This is the deplorable image that continues to be associated with agents in certain areas like West Chester for example, still often perceived as crooks, bringing no added value, loving easy money made on transactions… “A reputation that comes from mistakes made in the past”, recognizes Scott Bohrer, a trusted realtor from Main Line Home Center. “Before, when we were in a sellers market, real estate agents could be satisfied quick and easy transactions and it used to work. But today we are in a buyers’ market, where greater efforts are required to show that we are needed by house buyers. »

2 Internet and social networks.

The rise of the internet first scared “old school” real estate agents. “We have a business brokerage, intermediary between supply and demand, explains Scott. However, Internet is the most powerful tool to bring the two together. “And that’s the internet marketer which becomes broker instead of the broker. Owners can now reach a large number of buyers without going through an agency, but by posting their ads on main line realty portals provided for this purpose and which have proliferated”. “We also see many more properties that sell via the social networks”, said Scott Bohrer. But Internet is also a tremendous opportunity for agencies to evolve and become more professional. Or how to use a potential threat as a powerful commercial opportunity. Any agency that respects itself now has its own web site, and they are not on the web “to follow trends’, but because they came to realize what a powerful asset it can be to sell houses on the Main Line PA.

The web is obviously a great asset for communication and to find a property. But it is also a threat to agents, now forced to rethink their way of functioning and their overall communication strategy to survive. Because it has become a game of kids by the time running to “dribble” these sales professionals, as their reputation is considered still very dubious by many home sellers and buyers.

Communicating better through a more sophisticated information, using a professional photographer to put the properties in value, proposing a video to be even closer to your audience (although its use is far from widespread), being present on social networks, developing discussion forums, setin up meetings with specialists, is now the way to go…

Nowadays, the best real estate agents in Philadelphia suburbs have understood that the client has more than ever the need to feel assisted by local professionals who must prove that they are trustworthy and provide added value.

The profession is so evil but continues to raise vocations. This is the weird paradox of the real estate market.
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