real estate market atlantaAccording to giant removing company in the United States called Psenke, Atlanta is the first destination where to move. Florida ranks just behind with Tampa in second position and Orlando in 4th position. Note that the study is based in the U.S. as they have used USA favorites destinations and the number of truck reservations for one-way trips, to achieve this ranking.

This is the 4th consecutive year that Atlanta moves to the 1st position. There is nothing surprising, the city is under constant development, local economic conditions and accessible rents attract many U.S. households. Moreover, the headquarters of major companies never cease to choose the Georgia capital to settle. The Mercedes Benz Group also announced last month the relocation of its headquarters currently in New Jersey to Atlanta.

For the cities of Orlando and Tampa, the classification of Psenke confirms the attractiveness of these two areas. Remember that Orlando is the 13th place in the Forbes of the fastest growing cities. About the city of Tampa, it never ceases to grow and still attracts more households and investors.