The Fed Cautious But Optimistic About The American Economy

As many economists had predicted, the US federal reserve monetary policy Committee members have not announced change following their last meeting. On the other hand, they have suggested that interest rates could be adjusted upwards by a few months.

Despite an optimistic view of the FED regarding the U.S. economy: decline in unemployment, increased job creation and positive growth forecast; It recalls that all indicators are not beautiful-fixed, including inflation which has yet lowered these last months and the poor performance of some major American companies.

Thus, the Fed will not change its monetary policy before several months and interest rates will not relieved in the short term. The federal reserve adopts a position of patient in the standardization of its policy until at least next March during which held their next meeting.

A return to stability for the U.S. economy

Remember that late October the FED ended its policy of Quantitative Easing. Six years after the United States, the central banks of many world powers such as Europe or the Japan announced recently the launch of quantitative easing policies to reinvigorate their economies.

Of course, the FED waits before fully normalize its policy, however the United States display many positive indicators that suggest a certain return to stability. We can confirm once again the recovery of the American economy.