Interior maps for real estate business

In the first article of the series, Google Business View for real estate, we saw examples of virtual tours on offices and homes of high standing buildings.

On this occasion, we wanted to introduce two new examples of virtual tours integrated with Google tools, explaining the process of creation for each one:

Google Virtual tours associated with Google Maps

give virtual tours of your propertiesWith active real estate companies such as hotels, local, residential, it is always good to highlight the product on such existing offer and give added value to home buyers, placing in Google listings each of your active properties.

A lot of real estate agencies are now offering virtual tours 360 ° inside their properties and at the same time has a presence in Google Maps and Google +. A very visual way to highlight all of their products.

To carry out the project, we sent one of our photographers delegates in the area and organized the photo shoot according to day and time with the client.

Today businesses have a greater online presence; customers can visit all properties in an interactive way.

Each tour can integrate:

-a contact form,

-a virtual shop,

-a carousel with each product…

Dwellings and premises include information, surface, inquiry forms, a redirect to a web page…

-Tour associated with StreetView

With such a product, customers could make a tour of the facilities as if they were there physically, with high-quality image. In addition, to differentiate themselves from other companies that do not offer these tours.

It is a great way to set your business apart and create trust when selling real estate properties on your local market.