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Using Drones in the Real Estate Industry

Drones are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, they are now used effectively in many areas of business where they would have scarcely even been considered only a short time ago. One of the most popular areas concerning their use involves the real estate industry. The truth is, there are a lot of advantages to using drones in real estate, but there are also some potential drawbacks. That is why it is vitally important that anyone who is potentially considering using them understands everything about their use before making a decision one way or the other.

Advantages of Using Drones

swimming pool shotThe biggest advantage by far is the ability to have access to properties that might otherwise be difficult to photograph. Many people want to see an aerial view of the property they are considering purchasing because they want to know how everything is laid out from a perspective that allows them to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Using a drone accomplishes exactly that task. It also provides a means of relatively easy access for real estate agents who might be trying to answer questions from a prospective buyer about the property, as they can use the drone to take pictures of something specific on the property and then forward those pictures directly to the client. This is especially important in a day and age where people often make the decision to purchase a new home without ever actually setting foot on the property before they do so. As virtual tours become more popular, the use of drones typically increases in this particular industry.

Potential Drawbacks

Of course, drones have their potential drawbacks just like virtually everything else. This is particularly the case when it comes to dealing with rules and regulations concerning their use in a given area. Most people that get in trouble with the use of drones do so because they are not well-versed in the laws regarding where and how they can be used. As a direct result, they might find themselves in a position where authorities are bearing down on them because they have not taken the time to learn what they can and cannot do. Aside from that fact, drones are an incredible asset in the real estate industry and one that any real estate agent worth his or her salt should take into consideration.

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Interior maps for real estate business

In the first article of the series, Google Business View for real estate, we saw examples of virtual tours on offices and homes of high standing buildings.

On this occasion, we wanted to introduce two new examples of virtual tours integrated with Google tools, explaining the process of creation for each one:

Google Virtual tours associated with Google Maps

give virtual tours of your propertiesWith active real estate companies such as hotels, local, residential, it is always good to highlight the product on such existing offer and give added value to home buyers, placing in Google listings each of your active properties.

A lot of real estate agencies are now offering virtual tours 360 ° inside their properties and at the same time has a presence in Google Maps and Google +. A very visual way to highlight all of their products.

To carry out the project, we sent one of our photographers delegates in the area and organized the photo shoot according to day and time with the client.

Today businesses have a greater online presence; customers can visit all properties in an interactive way.

Each tour can integrate:

-a contact form,

-a virtual shop,

-a carousel with each product…

Dwellings and premises include information, surface, inquiry forms, a redirect to a web page…

-Tour associated with StreetView

With such a product, customers could make a tour of the facilities as if they were there physically, with high-quality image. In addition, to differentiate themselves from other companies that do not offer these tours.

It is a great way to set your business apart and create trust when selling real estate properties on your local market.

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The Main Line Real Estate Agents Must Reinvent their Business to Survive in a Competitive Philadelphia Market

Gone are the days where it was well enough for a main line realtor to put up a board with MLS listings on his storefront. Overview of the threats that affect the profession in Pennsylvania. And close-up on agencies that rely on innovation to stand out.

Will the profession of real estate agent still exist in ten years? The question is deliberately provocative. Yet it might be ringing bells for a lot of professionals in the sector especially the ones operating in PA. Between the disturbing prophecies of some who did not hesitate to predict fear, extinction and the most encouraging speech from those who believe that the expertise of local realtors is still widely look after by main line home owners, one thing is certain: the professionals of the sector will work much more tomorrow as they do today. Those who survive do work elsewhere already more as in the past. There are nowadays many threats hanging over the profession.

1. Bad reputation.

main line appartments for saleI think I got your attention with this one, but the first of these threats is internal to the profession. This is the deplorable image that continues to be associated with agents in certain areas like West Chester for example, still often perceived as crooks, bringing no added value, loving easy money made on transactions… “A reputation that comes from mistakes made in the past”, recognizes Scott Bohrer, a trusted realtor from Main Line Home Center. “Before, when we were in a sellers market, real estate agents could be satisfied quick and easy transactions and it used to work. But today we are in a buyers’ market, where greater efforts are required to show that we are needed by house buyers. »

2 Internet and social networks.

The rise of the internet first scared “old school” real estate agents. “We have a business brokerage, intermediary between supply and demand, explains Scott. However, Internet is the most powerful tool to bring the two together. “And that’s the internet marketer which becomes broker instead of the broker. Owners can now reach a large number of buyers without going through an agency, but by posting their ads on main line realty portals provided for this purpose and which have proliferated”. “We also see many more properties that sell via the social networks”, said Scott Bohrer. But Internet is also a tremendous opportunity for agencies to evolve and become more professional. Or how to use a potential threat as a powerful commercial opportunity. Any agency that respects itself now has its own web site, and they are not on the web “to follow trends’, but because they came to realize what a powerful asset it can be to sell houses on the Main Line PA.

The web is obviously a great asset for communication and to find a property. But it is also a threat to agents, now forced to rethink their way of functioning and their overall communication strategy to survive. Because it has become a game of kids by the time running to “dribble” these sales professionals, as their reputation is considered still very dubious by many home sellers and buyers.

Communicating better through a more sophisticated information, using a professional photographer to put the properties in value, proposing a video to be even closer to your audience (although its use is far from widespread), being present on social networks, developing discussion forums, setin up meetings with specialists, is now the way to go…

Nowadays, the best real estate agents in Philadelphia suburbs have understood that the client has more than ever the need to feel assisted by local professionals who must prove that they are trustworthy and provide added value.

The profession is so evil but continues to raise vocations. This is the weird paradox of the real estate market.
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real estate market atlantaAccording to giant removing company in the United States called Psenke, Atlanta is the first destination where to move. Florida ranks just behind with Tampa in second position and Orlando in 4th position. Note that the study is based in the U.S. as they have used USA favorites destinations and the number of truck reservations for one-way trips, to achieve this ranking.

This is the 4th consecutive year that Atlanta moves to the 1st position. There is nothing surprising, the city is under constant development, local economic conditions and accessible rents attract many U.S. households. Moreover, the headquarters of major companies never cease to choose the Georgia capital to settle. The Mercedes Benz Group also announced last month the relocation of its headquarters currently in New Jersey to Atlanta.

For the cities of Orlando and Tampa, the classification of Psenke confirms the attractiveness of these two areas. Remember that Orlando is the 13th place in the Forbes of the fastest growing cities. About the city of Tampa, it never ceases to grow and still attracts more households and investors.

Real Estate Prices Rising Trends in the US Facing a Slowdown

WASHINGTON / NEW YORK – individual units in the US prices rose 4.9% year on year from September 2014 to early 2015, a figure higher than expected but reflecting a slowdown in the current trend, the Tuesday survey showed monthly by S & P / Case Shiller.

Economists polled by Reuters on average expected a 4.6% increase on this indicator, calculated on the basis of prices in 20 major US cities.

On a seasonally adjustment, prices rose 0.3% over the month while the consensus gave up only 0.1%.

“The general upward trend in house prices continues to slow,” said David Blitzer, S & P Dow Jones Indices, in a statement. “As the economy seems better that a year ago, the outlook for real estate in 2015 are stable or slightly improved,” he adds.