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3 Factors to Consider When Investing In the United States Real Estate Property Market

Are you planning to invest in The United States housing market? When it comes to investing in the United States real estate market, you need to consider several factors. The reason is that investing in property is a significant investment for your family or company.

However, it becomes a challenge when searching for the best investments tips, especially for beginners. That’s because the property market has many scenarios and difficulties which can end up reducing your returns. Below we look at three factors that you should consider.


buy some us shit broOne important factor to consider when investing in the property market is the location. The reason is that the locality influences the type of renters that will be attracted to your property.

When searching for the best place, make sure that you check its proximity to business centers, hospitals, transportation networks and local restaurants. Bear in mind that the central the location of your property, the more attractive it will be to renters.

Safety and Rent

Another factor to consider when investing in real estate property is the security record of the neighborhood. Remember that everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood. It means that you should inquire with neighbors and local police departments about the local safety records.

You should also consider the average rental rates if you’re considering investing in real estate rentals. Keep in mind that you want to be able to cover costs such as insurance, mortgage payments and paying property managers.

Employment Opportunities

Make sure that you check the local job opportunities. The more the jobs in the locality, the more renters you’ll have. It means that you should check local labor statistics. Another factor to check is the proximity of colleges and corporations, which are signs that your rentals will attract people.


Investing in the United States property market should be easier using the above informative post. Consider contacting property agents with the best reputation to enable you to get the best and sound investments.

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How to use a steam cleaner

How to use a steam cleaner is a question asked by many individuals whom typically do not know how to use them. In fact, using one and understanding the process would be a nice way to learn how to use it effectively.

With some easy, simple, easy steps, it’s possible for the first-timers to get it done right so as long as they follow the manufacturer’s policy and instruction’s manual the steam cleaner come with when you rent or buy one.

In any case, some cleaning machine operators will suggest doing this at least once a year to your floors, carpet, upholstery for your home or business to conquer the germs, filth, and allergens collected as time goes on. Because of pollutants carried onto them by way of heavy traffic or air, the environment could be deemed unsafe and unsanitary for individuals’ and household animals.

Steam cleaners: what’s the target?

To clear the hardest of grime, grease, gum, or dirt, you should have the proper cleaning system for the right job.

Watch this video to know more:

Steam cleaners which can be used for cleaning the most difficult particles that dry up because of dirt or hard, crisp grime from oils and chemicals can be damaging to your tiles and paved concrete floors or driveways. More importantly, being able to use these steam cleaners so as to assure the best quality cleaning will be an investment. Additionally, it’s making sure you utilise the steam cleaner to it’s fullest capabilities to get the job done right.

Unfortunately, it does begin with the operator of the machine; plus, the care and maintenance of the cleaning equipment.

What’s needs to be steam cleaned?

What you will need to do this job successfully, besides organisation, time, skill, and patience are the following four elements for proper steam cleaning. First, you’ll need an electric outlet, rent or own a steam cleaning machine, hot water, and your cleaning products.

Home cleaning: the usual suspects

karcher outdoor steam cleaner

Karcher outdoor steam cleaner

The most obvious suspects of surface floor filth are the hard, crisp grime which comes from oils and chemicals, dirt, grease and mud. Most “weather off” or simply come off tires or shoes; in other words, heavy traffic causes surface floor filth. Normally, the particles which dry up on floors, carpets or concrete foundations may seem difficult at first, but utilising the steam cleaning machine correctly can safely dissolve your target area.

For instance, if one of your jobs is to clean a school cafeteria, you know very well that there will be food, grease, gum, dirt, and mud particles which only the skilled steam cleaner operator can tackle quickly. Patience for this type of operation should be duly noted.

The longer the particles sit, the more time you will need to spend on the targeted area. In fact, shop floors or car dealerships utilise the commercial-grade steam cleaning machine because they are the most powerful for the heaviest traffic of places.

Maintenance departments for the world’s smallest and largest companies across the globe know these cleaning machines will keep the longevity of their floors, carpets, and their office furniture clean and disinfected. Comparably, homeowner’s will agree to this as well.

The steam cleaning process is the same for both, residential and commercial.

With the cleaning approaches being the same, yet cleaning on larger area floors as opposed to other floors and various surfaces. How to steam clean properly ensures the removal of allergens, mould, dirt, and stains without damage to those surfaces.

Tips on the process of steam cleaning

The shiniest floors and cleanliest carpets and upholstery found across commercial businesses, and residential homes may have come from using a steam cleaner. Cleaning carpets and floors require every inch being steamed so, removing all furniture is a critical step in the process.

– Sweeping or cleaning area after removal of the furniture or clearing the area that’s going to be steamed is another major priority. Once the furniture is moved away by taking it outside, in the company’s garage, or home garage, having the right cleaning products for the right surfaces is next.

– Depending what type of steam cleaner you have, you’ll need to replace or refresh your filters or canisters. Replacing them ensures there will be only clean and unpolluted vapours targeting the dirty areas once the boiler system on, and if your machine has one. Some machines come without this heating device.

– Wearing safety gear, such as goggles for eye protection, and rubber gloves for the handling of toxic chemical cleaners is a wise step. Avoiding contact with chemicals such as using a painter’s mask (for covering your mouth and nose) when using cleaning solutions would be smart to do before the job begins. There are countless of cleaning products that have strong odours and can be avoided with these masks.

– Once you’ve chosen the chemical or cleaning product for the job, along with the proper measurements of the solution being used, pour your selected cleaning solution in the chamber that is exclusive for the chemical. (Remember, some machines have a different mechanism for vapour production.) It will begin the sanitation and disinfecting aspects of the job.

– Various steam cleaning machines are made with a stainless steel boiling system. It can contain up to 4 or 5 litres in its chambers. The chamber is where the water’s boiling process takes place. When the temperature is right, your pressure washer stick is then used to target the area by pointing directly to it, normally 6 inches away from the stains, spots, grime,…, etc.

– Steam cleaning machines can come with at least 20 attachments and nozzles for the pressure wash sticks and various types of jobs being worked on.

– Some devices offer 115 PSIs, but the level of the PSIs varies from machine to machine; additionally, you will never want to use a mop again for your residential or commercial establishment’s floors once a steam cleaner is used.

How does it work?

The primary element of the steam cleaner is that the vapours get hot enough to clear temperature levels of 364°F-, for instance. Once the vapours “hit” the target areas, it will loosen and dissolve the grime, grease, dirt, gum and many other particles on hard surfaces, carpets, or upholstery.

Grout can build up, so high-temperature vapours are needed to dissolve the bad particles, such as allergens from mould stains, which eventually get dried up if ignored for too long. People will see the difference because of the lustrous shine on the tiled or laminate-type floors, including upholstery once you’ve completed the tasks of cleaning with a steam cleaning machine for your residential or commercial business.
Finally, doing this every so often will keep your property or belongings looking like new every time, even with the heaviest traffic in your house or business. How do you begin to clean your floors with a steam cleaning machine?

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get your own home gym

Home Fitness Equipment – What You Need To Know

These days, many guys are opting to train at home instead of going to a gym. The major benefit of having a gym at home is the fact it is convenient since the machines are not limited, and it is even cheaper in the long term. Choosing the right gym equipment can be challenging to most people despite having a particular kind of home gym one dreams to have.

Things to consider when choosing home gym equipment

Know your goals

a regular workout helps shaping up your body

If your goal is to get a perfect booty, then go for it!

Each equipment is used for a specific purpose. Therefore, you need to determine your goals before making any purchase. Get to know if you want to lose weight or get stronger. Identifying your goals early in advance before buying any equipment can help you choose the right one thus avoid disappointment. Additionally, this will narrow the options to choose from.

Set your Equipment Budget

It is wise to work under a budget when shopping for your gym equipment. Ensure that you purchase appliances that are of high quality. Since prices differ from one store to another, it is crucial to shop around for the best prices keeping quality in mind.

Consider who Else Will be Using the Equipment

Prior buying home equipment, get to know the number of people who will be using it.
If you are using it with your family, then make a point of considering the preference of each family member. Also, don’t forget yourself when considering the choice of others. Make sure that you choose equipment that is in line with the activities you enjoy. You will get used to your gear if you enjoy the activity it provides.

Get to decide on the equipment functions and features

titan gym equipment for better results

Titan gym equipment for better results

For quality services, get to choose equipment that incorporates modern technology.
Check out if the heart rate monitors, timers, and other features such as calories burned displays motivates you. Avoid picking equipment that cannot provide you with an effective workout.

Test the without equipment before purchasing it

One of the most important things to do before buying gym equipment is putting your hands on it to test drive. During this time, ensure that you are in the right shoes and clothes and use the machine precisely as you will when you get home.

Check out how the fitness equipment functions, how it’s constructed, and if the workouts you perform feel comfortable and natural. Consider purchasing your equipment from a specialised store since most offer expert advice that you can’t get from a department store.

Create a space to store the equipment

Get to know the exact measurements of the material before you bring it at home. Consider ventilation, measure the footprints of the equipment, noise problems, storage and its electrical outlets. Get to know if you can place a rubber mat under the fitness machine to absorb grease, sweat and to reduce noise.

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Using Drones in the Real Estate Industry

Drones are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, they are now used effectively in many areas of business where they would have scarcely even been considered only a short time ago. One of the most popular areas concerning their use involves the real estate industry. The truth is, there are a lot of advantages to using drones in real estate, but there are also some potential drawbacks. That is why it is vitally important that anyone who is potentially considering using them understands everything about their use before making a decision one way or the other.

Advantages of Using Drones

swimming pool shotThe biggest advantage by far is the ability to have access to properties that might otherwise be difficult to photograph. Many people want to see an aerial view of the property they are considering purchasing because they want to know how everything is laid out from a perspective that allows them to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Using a drone accomplishes exactly that task. It also provides a means of relatively easy access for real estate agents who might be trying to answer questions from a prospective buyer about the property, as they can use the drone to take pictures of something specific on the property and then forward those pictures directly to the client. This is especially important in a day and age where people often make the decision to purchase a new home without ever actually setting foot on the property before they do so. As virtual tours become more popular, the use of drones typically increases in this particular industry.

Potential Drawbacks

Of course, drones have their potential drawbacks just like virtually everything else. This is particularly the case when it comes to dealing with rules and regulations concerning their use in a given area. Most people that get in trouble with the use of drones do so because they are not well-versed in the laws regarding where and how they can be used. As a direct result, they might find themselves in a position where authorities are bearing down on them because they have not taken the time to learn what they can and cannot do. Aside from that fact, drones are an incredible asset in the real estate industry and one that any real estate agent worth his or her salt should take into consideration.

villa and tennis court aerial pic


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a quality roofer can do marvels

The Benefits Of Rapid Roof Repair

Too many homeowners spot a problem with their roof but fail to arrange a roof repair within a timely period. Although they are trying to avoid the cost associated with paying a professional company to do the work, this is the false economy. No roof problem will go away on its own, and in fact, will always get worse over time unless the appropriate roof repairs are made.

Book an assessment as early as you can

make sure you hire the right roofing company

Avoid bad roofing companies at all cost!!

Therefore, arranging a roof repair as soon as an issue is discovered has some benefits. Your roof is an essential structure within your home, keeping you protected from the elements, and any damage to it may eventually cause it to become unsafe, and a hazard to you and your family members. Arranging a rapid roof repair as soon as a hole or leak is spotted will not only enable the problem area to be rectified before further damage can occur but will also guard against any further problems developing in the imminent future.

Avoid spreading the damages

Damage which is allowed to progress unchecked may spread from one small area of your roof to a more extensive area, and this may result in severe leakages and even potential collapse. Once this level of damage has been incurred, there will be no other alternative but to arrange for a complete re-roof and this will be extremely expensive and time-consuming. You can prevent this from happening by arranging a roof repair as soon as a small problem area is uncovered.

Getting your roof repaired will also help to prevent leaks which may damage the interior of your home and your personal property. It will also protect your premises from pests such as birds, rodents and other animals who may infest your home through a damaged area. Regular repairs will also help to keep your family or employees as safe as possible.

Interior maps for real estate business

In the first article of the series, Google Business View for real estate, we saw examples of virtual tours on offices and homes of high standing buildings.

On this occasion, we wanted to introduce two new examples of virtual tours integrated with Google tools, explaining the process of creation for each one:

Google Virtual tours associated with Google Maps

give virtual tours of your propertiesWith active real estate companies such as hotels, local, residential, it is always good to highlight the product on such existing offer and give added value to home buyers, placing in Google listings each of your active properties.

A lot of real estate agencies are now offering virtual tours 360 ° inside their properties and at the same time has a presence in Google Maps and Google +. A very visual way to highlight all of their products.

To carry out the project, we sent one of our photographers delegates in the area and organized the photo shoot according to day and time with the client.

Today businesses have a greater online presence; customers can visit all properties in an interactive way.

Each tour can integrate:

-a contact form,

-a virtual shop,

-a carousel with each product…

Dwellings and premises include information, surface, inquiry forms, a redirect to a web page…

-Tour associated with StreetView

With such a product, customers could make a tour of the facilities as if they were there physically, with high-quality image. In addition, to differentiate themselves from other companies that do not offer these tours.

It is a great way to set your business apart and create trust when selling real estate properties on your local market.

China’s property prices keep falling but remain high

The long-feared real estate bubble burst seems increasingly unlikely to happen in China. For the ninth month in a row, property prices in China continued to decline, falling by 5.1% this year. However, this decline seems to be more and more uneven depending on the cities.

real estate shanghai

Construction site facing the new CBD of Pudong, Shanghai.

If we look more closely, prices fell in 64 of the 70 cities monitored by the National Bureau of Statistics. There were 66 of them last year, revealing a slight price recovery.

The easier access to credit seems to be the key to renewing consumers interest in new homes. Indeed, the recovery came after implementing new credit policy that lowered interest rates and allowed to end twelve months of decline. Thus, Shenzhen, located near Hong Kong was the first of China’s major cities to see a slight prices rise (+ 0.3%) in December 2014. The former Special Economic Zone has been followed in by Ganzhou, a city in Jiangxi province (South-East) where prices increased by 0.2% in January.

Fragile recovery

However, this recovery still seems fragile as prices remain generally stable, especially in large cities. In Beijing, prices dropped by 0.1% in February, as compared to 0.2% in January. As for Shanghai, prices have not varied from month to month, the first time after eight consecutive months of decline. The recovery of Shanghai real estate market still needs to be confirmed with a sustainable price stabilization. Even though China has progressed toward market liberalization last year by lifting controls on purchase and lowering the interest rates, these measures don’t have enough impact to revive the real estate market. Sales, new construction sites and prices are all down.

The situation is similar for already existing properties. Surveys show that prices fell last month in 61 cities compared to the previous month, one more than the total recorded in December. They increased in 6 cities, as compared to 8 in December.

According to an independent study released on Saturday March 7th 2015, the average price of a new home in 100 Chinese cities among the largest of the country fell by 0.25% in February compared to January, to 10540 Yuan ($ 1685) per square meter. According to the China Index Academy firm that conducted the study, prices over one year fell by 3.85% in February, as compared to 3.1% in January.

“February coincides with the Chinese New Year and the companies promotions and price adjustments. This can explain the significant fluctuations experienced by the housing market”, said the China Index Academy firm.

The market should stabilize with the arrival of spring and the small measures taken by the government and that are already anticipated by the market. In the ten largest cities of China, which tend to have the most active real estate markets, new home prices fell by 0.18% year on year to 18960 Yuan.

Only two cities, Shanghai and Shenzhen, are experiencing an increase in property prices over the year. In Shanghai, apartment rents keep rising steadily while China’s yuan fell to its lowest level since 2012, leading to a price inflation. For instance, prices increased by 0.86% year on year to 32300 Yuan per square meter in February.

After almost two decades of soaring prices, 2014 was a turning point for the real estate market that represents 15% of China’s GDP, threatening the country’s growth prospects. All eyes are on the financial health of medium-sized developers, whose failures have raised fears of cascading bankrupts. Some, like China Overseas Grand Groups, announced a decline of 30% of their income in2014. Hopefully 2015 will be a year of recovery for China’s property market.

Which image you should use when advertising real estate online?

-Your corporate brand or your own brand?

-Your logo or your personal image?

On social networks, the decision is easy: simply create and maintain a personal profile and other professional.

The distinction is simple, since from the first moment, when you create the profile, they always ask for the following:

-If a company, the trade name and the category or type of business to which it belongs, among other corporate data,

-If a person, name and often, date of birth, among other personal data.

advertise on social mediasHowever, it is very common to see an ad such as “real estate sells flats” birthday reminders on Facebook. And of course, you have to congratulate yourself, because you’ve been the one who has accepted it as a “friend”, despite that face of logo that you have in your profile.

As well as on Facebook is very light to put images of oneself, in other types of supports, there is more resistance show is one himself, with his personal image. There are real estate consultants who prefer to hide behind your logo, not so much for corporate strategy, rather for lack of habit or out of shame.

Today it is very normal to see a photo of professional business cards, but not so much seen in the real estate websites the pictures of the advisors who are behind.

However users like to see who they will hire, make business with, who called and who responds to queries by phone or by email.

Personal image gives interest to the conversation, builds confidence and trust.

In the real estate websites that we have created or redesigned, the personal component is increasingly more present.

No longer spoken both company but “who we are” the people who work in it. Not dictate the General Services but they are detailed each person differential services that make up the team (at least the sales team).

On the tabs of the properties shows the Advisor that manages it, with your direct contact details, including a brief bibliography, professional experience, qualities and expertise, technical, personal and the area in which work and which is expert.

General contact details are already displayed in the header or at the foot of the real estate website, so the user appreciates having a contact to ask for a property or service person.

It is more difficult to choose which image to show a foreign medium, such as a real estate portal.

Companies pay the ads and their data are those that appear to be associated with properties they are selling. It is usual in the south american market, but in the Anglo-Saxons, emerge agents such as contacts for properties and searches for areas.

The solution to the enigma, as in so many other cases, is to opt for an intermediate positioning.

Your personal image of your company, offers a professional and close the user vision, an endorsement of trust and confidence with the corporate brand at the same time closeness with personal photo.
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Real Estate Market Purchase Offers

The first question you need to ask yourself about real estate acquisition process is what really is a real estate purchase offer?

It is a document written by the purchaser, on which appears the price offered to the seller for its real estate property.

3 important points to know about it

Although it is often requested by real estate agencies, be aware that it is not mandatory.

It is more credible than a simple verbal proposal.

Please also note that this is a genuine commitment from the buyer.

Most of the people regularly use it as a weapon of negotiation.

How to Negotiate a Real Estate Offer?

the room you have been looking to buyHow to Write an Offer to Purchase Real Estate Property.

No precise rule truly set a real estate offer! But in order for this document to facilitate your transaction, it is advised to include these 10 elements in it:

– both identities of the buyer and seller.

– the location and a detailed description of the property.

– the offered purchase price.

– the period of validity of the offer.

– the terms of the seller’s reply (letter, e-mail, etc…)

– a proposed date for the signing of the sales agreement.

– the general conditions.

– the mode of financing.

– the terms of cancellation of the offer.

– the conditions of withdrawal.

The Withdrawal of an Offer to Purchase a Real Estate Property.

You must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

modern houses in NYC area  There are several cases after the seller has received your letter confirming your withdrawal:

– The seller accepts your offer, you then have 7 days to retract your offer.
– Without any validity mentioned in your offer to purchase, you can retract your offer as long as the seller has not accepted your offer.
– Without the seller’s reply within the time limit indicated in your offer to purchase, you are no more engaged to purchase his property.
– The seller made a written counter proposal, your initial offer is no more valid and you are more engaged to purchase the property.
– One of the general conditions mentioned in the offer did not realize you are therefore no more engaged.

  For the seller, this is quite different:

Once they have accepted your offer in writing he cannot disengage himself anymore.

This is the reason why the sale agreement must comply with the offer to purchase the property. That is why the writing of this legal act must be very accurate.

Here is a link to a sample agreement to purchase real estate, hope this will help home buyer.

main line appartments for sale

The Main Line Real Estate Agents Must Reinvent their Business to Survive in a Competitive Philadelphia Market

Gone are the days where it was well enough for a main line realtor to put up a board with MLS listings on his storefront. Overview of the threats that affect the profession in Pennsylvania. And close-up on agencies that rely on innovation to stand out.

Will the profession of real estate agent still exist in ten years? The question is deliberately provocative. Yet it might be ringing bells for a lot of professionals in the sector especially the ones operating in PA. Between the disturbing prophecies of some who did not hesitate to predict fear, extinction and the most encouraging speech from those who believe that the expertise of local realtors is still widely look after by main line home owners, one thing is certain: the professionals of the sector will work much more tomorrow as they do today. Those who survive do work elsewhere already more as in the past. There are nowadays many threats hanging over the profession.

1. Bad reputation.

main line appartments for saleI think I got your attention with this one, but the first of these threats is internal to the profession. This is the deplorable image that continues to be associated with agents in certain areas like West Chester for example, still often perceived as crooks, bringing no added value, loving easy money made on transactions… “A reputation that comes from mistakes made in the past”, recognizes Scott Bohrer, a trusted realtor from Main Line Home Center. “Before, when we were in a sellers market, real estate agents could be satisfied quick and easy transactions and it used to work. But today we are in a buyers’ market, where greater efforts are required to show that we are needed by house buyers. »

2 Internet and social networks.

The rise of the internet first scared “old school” real estate agents. “We have a business brokerage, intermediary between supply and demand, explains Scott. However, Internet is the most powerful tool to bring the two together. “And that’s the internet marketer which becomes broker instead of the broker. Owners can now reach a large number of buyers without going through an agency, but by posting their ads on main line realty portals provided for this purpose and which have proliferated”. “We also see many more properties that sell via the social networks”, said Scott Bohrer. But Internet is also a tremendous opportunity for agencies to evolve and become more professional. Or how to use a potential threat as a powerful commercial opportunity. Any agency that respects itself now has its own web site, and they are not on the web “to follow trends’, but because they came to realize what a powerful asset it can be to sell houses on the Main Line PA.

The web is obviously a great asset for communication and to find a property. But it is also a threat to agents, now forced to rethink their way of functioning and their overall communication strategy to survive. Because it has become a game of kids by the time running to “dribble” these sales professionals, as their reputation is considered still very dubious by many home sellers and buyers.

Communicating better through a more sophisticated information, using a professional photographer to put the properties in value, proposing a video to be even closer to your audience (although its use is far from widespread), being present on social networks, developing discussion forums, setin up meetings with specialists, is now the way to go…

Nowadays, the best real estate agents in Philadelphia suburbs have understood that the client has more than ever the need to feel assisted by local professionals who must prove that they are trustworthy and provide added value.

The profession is so evil but continues to raise vocations. This is the weird paradox of the real estate market.
Remember these home selling tips:

The Number Of Construction Permits Is On The Rise

According to the US Department of Commerce”, the number of building permits issued in the month of October increased by 5.1% to 1, 145 million in rate annualized against 1.030 million in September. This indicator is at its highest level since 2006.

Conversely the number of housing projects has slightly declined and reached 1.004 million in annualized pace. There is however an increase of 6.5% over the month of October 2014. As the number of development of construction of single-family house, this increased by 5.4% to 675 400 against 669 000 in September.

These indicators were already above the forecast announced last month. For the month of October, they bear witness once again to the gradual recovery of the real estate sector in the United States.
Finally to complete these good statistics of real estate, the NAIOP index, the Trade association for developers, once again increased to reach 61 and thus increase 5 points from October. After this new increase, the index almost found its value for the month of September which was 59.

Recall that a NAOIP with a value above 49 indicates that real estate sales forecasts are favourable.

Boom Of Impulse Property Purchases In The United States

Careful to inquire, before signing, on the regulation of the local market, and the habits and customs of condominium management.

While on vacation, falling under the charm of the place and considering purchasing a second home is a relatively common situation. In this “emotional” context, the difficulty is often remain reasonable and sensible… A prudent and attitude all the more essential to adopt as one moves away from his country.

Example of the United States:

Luxury homesThe United States is one of the headlights of foreign holidaymakers, architecture and the atmosphere of New York or for entertainment in Orlando. Favorite purchases are numerous, encouraged lately by a still low price conditions and a parity euro/dollar in favour of the Europeans. Result: the Foreigners succumb more easily to their desire to purchase ‘pleasure’, across the Atlantic. Good deals can be made to provided, however, to know the whys and wherefores surrounding the intended purchase.

Legislation, property taxes or condominium rules are to be taken into account before signing the deed of purchase. Relating, for example, cities such as New York or Miami, teeming with multiple purposes it is important to know.

The “co-op”: the great oral hosted by neighbors

Operating various and varied condos (condominiums) governed by more or less flexible rules, including the “co-op” represent the framed version, include studying closely.
Thus, regulations of many co – ops impose to the potential purchaser to obtain prior approval of owners already in place.

Some co – ops can impose rules on the Interior of the apartments. Others apply strict rules on the use of housing: duration of leaseco limited (fewer weeks maximum per year, for example), prohibition to hold a pet… Interference with individual freedom, which may be surprising for foreigners used to dispose of their property freely, once owners.

For their part, the Americans do not live it as a restriction of freedom and even celebrities are denied the right to acquire apartments in New York.

The precise knowledge of the condominium regulations is an essential aspect in these conditions before throwing his sights on a residence or accommodation

Bills: a budget to calculate

The rule is universal: it occupies his property throughout the year or only a few weeks a year, there are charges fixed, identical for all owners. A future recurrent expenditure to remember when buying. In order to properly estimate future loads, some points are to be monitored, in particular property tax last year and the current year, as well as the condominium fees. These can be more or less important depending on the level of services. Some homes offer, in fact, many services and quality (indoor pool, concierge, gym which sometimes even a basketball court!)… returning dear to non-permanent residents but which allow to set rents high in case of rental.

Another item to not be disregarded: the number of apartments at the building. Less housing, more risk of increase in load is important for reasons of potential vacancy. Finally, last test important: the year of construction of the building. More good is recent, more renovation expenses to predict will be low.

So that the loads are not an obstacle to the acquisition, some very recent buildings – for example, in the Financial district of New York – guarantee a low tax for a period of 5 to 10 years. A programme for lowering of taxes resulting from a partnership between the promoters and the municipality of New York. Finally, unlike Europe for example, about 90% of insurance are supported in the condo fees.

Rental: a lever to not overstate

All properties do not easily lend themselves to the game rentals. When purchasing ‘pleasure’, the owners acquired the property for their personal use, but – in order to minimize its cost – some looking to rent housing when they do serve. It is possible, but it must take into account the seasonality of certain markets. In Florida, for example, the rental market is subject to specific tourist cycles. Finally, who said said rental adaptable delivery to the greatest number. The chosen furniture should be considered.

The Fed Cautious But Optimistic About The American Economy

As many economists had predicted, the US federal reserve monetary policy Committee members have not announced change following their last meeting. On the other hand, they have suggested that interest rates could be adjusted upwards by a few months.

Despite an optimistic view of the FED regarding the U.S. economy: decline in unemployment, increased job creation and positive growth forecast; It recalls that all indicators are not beautiful-fixed, including inflation which has yet lowered these last months and the poor performance of some major American companies.

Thus, the Fed will not change its monetary policy before several months and interest rates will not relieved in the short term. The federal reserve adopts a position of patient in the standardization of its policy until at least next March during which held their next meeting.

A return to stability for the U.S. economy

Remember that late October the FED ended its policy of Quantitative Easing. Six years after the United States, the central banks of many world powers such as Europe or the Japan announced recently the launch of quantitative easing policies to reinvigorate their economies.

Of course, the FED waits before fully normalize its policy, however the United States display many positive indicators that suggest a certain return to stability. We can confirm once again the recovery of the American economy.

Why You Should Be Careful When Using Zillow For Real Estate Assesments?

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 19.00.48The development of internet sites dedicated to real estate property in the United States is one of the most striking developments of the U.S. real estate market over the past 10 years. Today, the leaders of the sector, Zillow and Trulia, allow millions of owners, tenants and investors access centrally to a lot of information in relation to their property and real estate product search: location, pictures, taxes, rent estimated and of course estimate of the value of a property.

At Zillow, the estimation of the value of real property is called the “Zestimate”. According to the website, more than 110 million of real estate at the moment have a Zestimate. Also impressive either, what is hidden behind this statistic and how is it calculated?

The “Zestimate” is above all an algorithm that incorporates a variety of real estate data public and grouped by Zillow itself. This algorithm is not made public by Zillow indicating however use the following parameters:
‘Physical’ statistics: location, area, number of rooms and bathrooms, etc.

The Tax assessment of the property: value set and used by the counties for property taxes (note this value has nothing to do with the market value of the property)
Transaction history: when it is known

Why Zillow estimates are not always reliable?

1. The data which has Zillow is sometimes incomplete. And Zillow acknowledges this himself. Zillow has a grid outlining the accuracy of the data used to calculate the Zestimate according to areas. As shown below, on a scale of 1 to 4, Zillow does not always have complete information to determine its Zestimates. When nearly half of these are in the range of +/-12% of the actual sale price, the difference in nominal can quickly be raise 20 000 USD or many over…

2. The comparable used are not always relevant. Comparative analysis of near similar properties of the target product, if relevant, the used parameters must be extremely precise and realistic. However if it does not find enough comparable for example, Zillow sometimes expands the area comparable in far too much way. Now we all know, the quality of a neighborhood can evolve from one street to the other, especially in the United States.

3. Zillow integrates hardly products of foreclosures, foreclosures, auctions, etc. If Zillow has data on these products, they do not necessarily correspond to the reality on the ground. For example, a price indicated by Zillow may reflect the price of the auction and not the price at which it will be actually purchased. Similarly, products that are purchased in bulk or via more complex schemas will not be represented reliably on Zillow.

4. The estimate of the value of real estate cannot be reduced to a single algorithm. Zillow does not visit the 110 million of goods for which he produced a zestimate. It can therefore be integrated factors such as the actual condition of the property, interior finishes, the addition of a room more, work, etc. Zillow cannot replace the crucial role for that of a Realtor that will produce an estimate also based on his experience. Finally, the value of a property also depends on the market and offer and existing demand on the box or the target product.

How to use Zillow?

Despite the limitations of its algorithm, Zillow and its competitors, offer remarkable tools, especially on the scale of a country as large as the United States. The usefulness of Zillow rest whole when it comes to find the characteristics of a product or a box to obtain information of synthetic and centralized database.

But, even though Zillow will continue to improve its algorithm, its model has limitations and rely only on these data during an acquisition is not recommended. As with the purchase of a car, real estate requires a “technical control” and look experienced professionals.

New York District By District:The Financial District

On the tip of the peninsula, just south of Manhattan, between City Hall and Battery Park where depart the ferry to the statue of liberty, there is the Financial District. Business district of Manhattan, this is where American seats of major financial institutions worldwide. Bustling day but quiet evening and week-end, this part of the city is transformed little by little face the constant demand of buyers but anxious to live tenants close to their office.

Real estate in the Financial District

Nearly 15 years after 9/11, “Fidi” as it is called by the New-Yorkers finds full life. Many companies that have moved to Midtown after 9/11 are starting to come back little by little, attracted by delisted rentals.

Residential property also benefit from a keen interest because certainly less lively than others, nonetheless offers a thriving social life. Cafe, bars and restaurants are more and more numerous and access to Battery Park with the Statue of liberty is one of its best assets. Many office buildings have also been converted into condominiums. Some benefit from property taxes, interesting argument, including planning for a foreign investor.

With midtown west, it’s likely the area of Manhattan called for the most pronounced change.

Did You Know?

The statue of 3.2 tons representing a bull filed against the New York Stock Exchange without permission just after the stock market crash of 1987.

According to the artist who made it, its author, this statue symbolizes “strength, power and hope of the American people for the future.

Since then, she has been transferred to Bowling Green Park, near the New York Stock Exchange and was fully adopted by the Americans.


For an investment in the Fidi, it takes today:
-$550 k for a studio
-$1.5 minimum M for a 1 bedroom
-$3, 5 M for a 2 bedroom

Some examples of properties in the Financial District:

-Studio – $580 000

Beautiful studio of 41 m² with beautiful view of Lower Manhattan and the statue of liberty, to the 44th floor of a building in the Financial District.

This property may be envisaged as a base or a rental investment, rent is estimated at $3500.

Located in a standing building, many services are available. Gym, spa, concierge etc…

-1 Bedroom – $2 112 real estate in the New York Financial District

90 m² luxury apartment located on the 23th floor in the Financial District.

This property of exeption is composed of two parts; a room and a large lounge – dining room.

The building converted into a residence, also features many services such as the gym, billiards, a swimming pool, a spa, a Concierge etc…


real estate market atlantaAccording to giant removing company in the United States called Psenke, Atlanta is the first destination where to move. Florida ranks just behind with Tampa in second position and Orlando in 4th position. Note that the study is based in the U.S. as they have used USA favorites destinations and the number of truck reservations for one-way trips, to achieve this ranking.

This is the 4th consecutive year that Atlanta moves to the 1st position. There is nothing surprising, the city is under constant development, local economic conditions and accessible rents attract many U.S. households. Moreover, the headquarters of major companies never cease to choose the Georgia capital to settle. The Mercedes Benz Group also announced last month the relocation of its headquarters currently in New Jersey to Atlanta.

For the cities of Orlando and Tampa, the classification of Psenke confirms the attractiveness of these two areas. Remember that Orlando is the 13th place in the Forbes of the fastest growing cities. About the city of Tampa, it never ceases to grow and still attracts more households and investors.

A House Sold for $ 150 million, a Record in the United States!

Forbes magazine was telling us today about the sale of a California coast house estimated $ 150 million! The origin of this sale, Petra Ecclestone, daughter of the Formula 1 billionaire!

Aged 23, Petra Ecclestone bought this incredible residence in 2011 for $ 85 million. 3 years and more than 20 million jobs later (requiring the work of 500 people), she put her property back on the market. If she can sell her house at this price, it will become a new record for the United States, for now held by a transaction of 147 million dollars last year in the Hamptons regions in the State of New York.

Note that if this could be a new record for the United States, we are still far from reaching the world record! We have in mind the home of billionaire Mukesh Ambani and 37 000 m² of living space ($ 725 million) or Berlusconi’s Villa Certosa in Sardinia (€ 450 million).

Real Estate Prices Rising Trends in the US Facing a Slowdown

WASHINGTON / NEW YORK – individual units in the US prices rose 4.9% year on year from September 2014 to early 2015, a figure higher than expected but reflecting a slowdown in the current trend, the Tuesday survey showed monthly by S & P / Case Shiller.

Economists polled by Reuters on average expected a 4.6% increase on this indicator, calculated on the basis of prices in 20 major US cities.

On a seasonally adjustment, prices rose 0.3% over the month while the consensus gave up only 0.1%.

“The general upward trend in house prices continues to slow,” said David Blitzer, S & P Dow Jones Indices, in a statement. “As the economy seems better that a year ago, the outlook for real estate in 2015 are stable or slightly improved,” he adds.